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Plan/ Scompler Campaign and Leads and Articles

An attempt for the Scompler people to collect and share leads and practices

    One Article + a few tweets = quite fruitful leads
    PLUS the chance to research well with a few clicks
    The person behind the twitter handle is clearly a lead
    But also everyone who liked and retweeted is worth Gold and also has awareness of what Scompler is and does
    Take this example from Martin Radtke has 5 Likes
    Two of the likes came from employees of Swisslife, one of our clients
    @TatjanaStamm Communications Manager/Spokesperson for @swisslife_group - @fhhwz
    @fzin part of @swisslife_group media relations team, @1886_GC supporter, newspaper reader, @HSGStGallen alumni, hiker @AlpenclubSAC
    If we take the latter as an example. He is involved with Swisslife, St. Gallen Football Club, St. Gallen Business School, and an Alpine Club
    This gives us many entry points that are of interest to him
    1. We work with the City of St. Gallen (connections, regional interest ect.)
    2. We also have a few Football examples (he might either be interested or maybe can even create a contact to the team)
    3. Business School Alumni (less examples, still a story about our projects with Journalist Schools, clients ect.)
    4. Alpine Club (quite surely we'll have a few things to talk about, i.e. RedBull ?)
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