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Scribble Chat: Real-Time Sports Reporting

  • The question of our place in this new landscape I think ties nicely back to Robin's point about how social media makes Everybody a Reporter. That's definitely true. News can break anywhere at any time from almost any one. But like the little blue check that appears by a verified account, our coverage adds a gravity to tweets or liveblogs or chats that goes beyond just the 140 characters spun from the stands. I think we have to really cling to that and make sure our standards and what we write in social media and on liveblogs holds fast to the same standards we'd have for our broadcasts or our articles in the paper. Teams tweet to promote their game, their product, and their news that serves the previous two. Players tweet to promote a brand or just for fun. We have the opportunity to guarantee our analysis brings together all of our reporting and our knowledge to something much more -- to offer the reader a deeper, more independent view that they can trust comes without spin. That's the goal. And, yes, it comes wrapped in our personality. That's unavoidable. No other outlet for information can offer all that we can in terms of history, context, reporting, analytical analysis and so on. That's how we remain relevant. The teams and the players may offer the picture -- a simple snapshot -- of what happened. We provide the 1,000 words of meaning.
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